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is SM Changing for Good?

Social media is always changing and adapting but TikTok has really made an impression on the big boys and girls in tech. But is that a good thing?

I'm not planning on getting into the details of all the algorithms for each platform and how they differ you can do that research on your own. But what I want to say is that I believe the current landscape in marketing across these platforms is going to change, maybe sooner than later.

To keep things simple the landscape of SM has to adapt to its users, and as users grow older and change so must their social feed otherwise the application over time becomes irrelevant. And if the feed is boring and the ads don't apply to me anymore well then I might shift my eyeballs somewhere else.

And there's nothing worse than becoming not important to the end user in the arena that is fighting for everyones attention every single second of every single day.

So is this good?

Well from a content perspective I think this could be really great and here's what I mean. If you create honest, entertaining, and engaging content that is tru to you and your brand I believe over time that content will find the users who are most likely to want to see that specific content.

So here we are again saying what we've been saying since the beginning of marketing time... Content is king, and how important is quality content now and in the next few years? Time will tell but I believe the companies and organizations that stay true to their story will find their audience.

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