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Are you a Drifter?

A free spirit, an individual who is aimlessly walking through life in no particular direction? Some may come out with a ton of support for your journey and who knows maybe they’re right. Maybe that walk you’re on leads to the pearly gates of someone else’s backyard… I don’t know. But what I do know is that if you want your own backyard you need focus!

Comfortability kills progress and this statement I’m making right now is from personal experience, not just something I read in a book.

Not too long ago on another planet, in another time, I wound up in a place of constant suffering. I was recovering from a near death experience where I unexpectedly wound up in the hospital with a life threatening condition. Yes I almost died that's a fact.

Money was tight, work was scarce, emotions were high, a constant whisper of failure invaded my thoughts on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. I was drowning in a sea of despair with no life vest in sight and the waves of fear were crashing hard.

To make matters worse the sharks in the water with me that I thought were on my side…They started to circle. The closest people to me, people I trusted, people I loved were no longer rooting for me, they wanted to drown me.

A little #dramatic? Maybe

It’s up to interpretation I guess, and at the time, from my perspective this is how it felt.

But was it real?

Looking back I’d say no.

The sharks were hungry and who know the last time they ate. I think in reality what I learned is that most people are only looking out for themselves. And as much as that lesson hurt, I believe it to be truth.

Some I owed a debt and they became unreasonable in their wait time forcing me to do things I didn’t want to do, while other people owed me a debt and expected me to continue the relationship without compensation while threatening legal action.

Reflecting back I’d like to say that from each persons perspective they were doing what was right for them. I was taking it too personally because at the time I had a lot to loose, and I was concerned for my family which created fear, fear created emotions in me that did not allow me to make good decisions and so… It was a shit show!

Lines were drawn that became borders and walls, and #boundaries were set that no one crossed.

And then time continued without a care for anyones problems…

We’ll save the continued dramas for another post if people are interested because this post is really about drifting hence the question posed in the title.


Why did I share all that?

During this time of chaos I switched into another person. Through the fear and uncertainty, I was able to tap into some really awesome #SuperPowers that we all have deep inside us.

I started reading when I couldn’t sleep. #Praying daily. Talking to new ears that started fantastic new relationships with people whome I still speak with today.

At a certain point the chaos made me who I am today, and that person is wildly different from the person I once was. It was a stepping stone into a new realm which leads to me another dangerous and uncertain plateau.


I find myself recognizing my comfort today and recognizing the danger in that which is why I’m sharing all this. I find myself slowly beginning to drift my thoughts and my attention from what I’ve learned from the past experience.

I am taking action in my own life and this time I’ve learned enough from the chaos to make a conscious intellectual decisions to move forward, out of #love rather than #fear. As a human being who is terribly flawed I’m learning along the journey and if you’re still reading this, you're on a #journey #learning as well.

Drifting takes you no where.

Focus takes you somewhere.

Find your passion, find your focus, get comfortable with failing, and move forward!

#Life is short, no regrets, no pain, LETS GO!

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Award-winning filmmaker and entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in the entertainment industry. Michael is currently creating marketing content for a variety of businesses and organization. Campo continues to work as a content creator today on all levels, is constantly growing in the ever changing landscape of video production.

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