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Be Kind to yourself

Something I learned a little later than I’d like to admit is the art of being kind to myself.

Growing up I was always taught to love thy neighbor, but not so much about loving thyself. Coming from a christian background we were taught more about caring for others then ourselves. But I’m not here to debate the issue of religion... I’m still very much a faith filled individual, however I don’t think I was taught enough about loving myself until I got older and someone said something that changed me a little bit.

God doesn't want me to be a doormat.

Before hearing that, I was really focused on putting others first even at the sake of loosing myself. Looking back I think that if I had been taught differently, or maybe if things were explained a little better, I wouldn’t find myself trying to make up for lost time.


I have found love, in being kind to myself.

Are you the type of person who is kind to yourself?

Not me, in fact I was deliberately hard on myself from time to time as a sort of penance. Again not debating the religious aspect just stating the facts of my own personal development and how things have changed and the benefits of that change.

Today I push myself just as hard as I did in the past but in a kinder way. Some of the people closest to me still need to remind me from time to time to be kind to myself but I'm working on it.

Jordan Peterson's book "The 12 Rules for Life" effected me in a really positive way and I recommend this book to a lot of close friends from time to time. In this reading there is a chapter on taking care of yourself as if you were caring for a close friend or family member. It was a game changer in my personal development.

If you are looking for a sign, and you've stumbled across this random post, please consider this to be that sign. Be kind to yourself.

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