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Edit video with iPad Pro

As a video marketing company, filmmaker, video editor it’s important to stay on top of the most useful tools and I’m always looking for more mobile solutions that are back pack friendly.

What does that mean?

Well I think there is tremendous value in creating really awesome content for clients and being able to deliver on the same day using all the tools I can fit into a backpack.

Film, edit, and deliver content ON THE SAME DAY!

Now we all know this doesn’t apply to every and all clients nor does it work for all projects but man… just to be able to say that it’s possible to show up to a client, chat, film, edit with an iPad Pro on location just gets me excited!

What are we talking about?

LumaFusion an amazing piece of software where you can edit 4K, 6K and yes even 8K footage from multiple cameras.

I know, I didn’t believe it either so I bought the app with a one time fee (which I LOVE) and tried it out on a shoot in Orlando Fl.

Additionally I purchased a Samsung T7 1 TB External hard drive, and a USB C hub so I can get everything working together.

I was able to transfer 4K from my SONY A7S3 CFexpress card reader onto the Samsung drive and then use that drive to edit the footage using LumaFusion on an iPad.

Recently LumaFusion updated their software to version 3.1 which now includes Vector Scopes!

Could be a really awesome solution if you’re looking for a mobile friendly way to edit. From what I’ve seen so far you can not take the project file and continue editing in Premiere which would be a GOD SEND, however you can continue editing using Final Cut Pro.

Anyway If you haven’t tried it out, you might be interested in giving it a shot, even if you just want to do some decent editing while on vacation with the family.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading please head over to where you can read all of our Blog posts and listen to the iChoose Series Podcast.


Award-winning filmmaker and entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in the entertainment industry. Michael is currently creating marketing content for a variety of businesses and organization. Campo continues to work as a content creator today on all levels, is constantly growing in the ever changing landscape of video production.

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