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How do I market my video marketing?

First things first it’s important to establish a goal for what it is you are creating. When it comes to content, having a goal for the video is going to be key to establishing the direction for the video project or content you are creating.

Just as important to establishing a goal, you’ll want to understand and identify your audience.

When you ask the question “Who are we making this for?” Instead of “What do I want to tell them?” It really opens up an understanding and can help remove some of the traditional boundaries you might have made on content creation in the past.

When framing out the initial idea these two factors will play a very important role as you begin to move forward.

If you have never really jumped into marketing before it might be a good start to begin making content we’d consider brand awareness content.

Brand awareness content displays or shows your product or service and focuses on what separates your brand from the competition. You can go this route with customers seeking what you’re selling, as well as other business in the same/similar space to build relationships that can be mutually beneficial.

We have worked with a variety of companies and organizations creating commercials, social media content, documentaries/ or testimonial videos, educational or explainer videos, non profit organizational videos and event videos.

Once you have an understanding of what direction you want to go what comes next?

Well there are three stages to any type of content creation you should start becoming familiar with.


The script/outline has been prepared, the shot list developed and locked, locations have been secured, and talent has been signed and ready to begin. All crew and schedules have been determined. Preparation is key for budgets and everyone involved.


This is when we say “Action.” All the work done in pre-production will make the shoot days an absolute success. There are always bumps in the road but this is where having the right team in place can make all the difference. Experience is worth the day rate in this stage.


This is where the content from the production shoot days is edited and the magic of all the work really comes together. Experienced editors are worth their weight in gold and having a technical / creative editor with story telling capabilities is an important part of the success of your content.

If you are considering taking out your iPone or Android device and shooting your content this could be a great guide to assist you in that process. You will definitely learn and make mistakes along the way, but be kind to yourself and feel confident that you are educated and capable.

However if you are not interested in becoming a producer, director, writer, cinematographer, film editor, graphic designer, composer, or sound editor reach out to

We love making content for our clients.

ABOUT: Michael Campo

Award-winning filmmaker and entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in the entertainment industry. Michael is currently creating marketing content for a variety of businesses and organization. Campo continues to work as a content creator today on all levels, is constantly growing in the ever changing landscape of video production.

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