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Neck pain isn't normal bro, you need a Chiropractor!

Have you ever visited a #Chiropractor? How was the experience? Was it an effective means of #healing, or did you come out feeling worse than before?

I ask because recently we had an opportunity to sit and spend a day filming Dr. Raul Serrano of Ignite Chiropractic and Wellness located in their brand new office in Palm Harbor Florida. To say we learned a lot, would be an understatement.

First and foremost let’s start with the doc.

Dr. Raul Serrano is one of those guys that knows his stuff inside and out. When it comes to care and healing, this guy understands what’s going on and is able to diagnose a treatment plan that can have some pretty amazing effects on anyone who is suffering.

How do we know?

Well we saw the X-rays.

With one patient in particular after seeing Dr. Serrano and staff this person's spine was corrected significantly in the right direction. Not only that, but this person was suffering from chronic debilitating migraines that began to subside after just a month and half of treatment!

Being an expert in the field of #Chiropractic medicine is what makes him great, the location is clean and inviting but in addition, what really make this place shine IMO is the staff.

Dr. Serrano is not just a chiropractor looking at spines all day, he’s a genuine person you want to get to know and someone who really wants to get to know you.

Spending the day together what I discovered is that It’s not about anything other than seeing where a person is at, where they are headed if they don't make corrective changes, and how to effectively maintain the most optimal healing practices one can receive.

Full disclosure I have started to get to know Dr. Serrano a little bit in the past few months but that doesn’t effect what I’m writing about him or his practice. People who know me know that if I had nothing nice to say I wouldn’t say anything at all, (or maybe too much in another direction) but I believe in what’s happening at Ignite Chiropractic and I have a much better understanding of the nerves in our #spine and how that really can affect our health.

So in short this project definitely made me a believer.


Dr. Raul Serrano has an interesting approach to intake when it comes to new clients. Part of the process is actually sharing a video so that people can really have an understanding as to what could be happening with their individual situation, and how they approach treatment.

The goal was to create a short professional video to support the intake process. We spent one day filming at Ignite Chiropractic and Wellness location and approximately 7-10 days in post production, #editing, SFX, Color, Sound, and licensing. and created a variety of social content for #TikTok and #Instagram #reels.

You can view the video HERE

And you can learn more about Ignite Chiropractic HERE.

Tell em Campo sent you!


Award-winning filmmaker and entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in the entertainment industry. Michael is currently creating marketing content for a variety of businesses and organization. Campo continues to work as a content creator today on all levels, is constantly growing in the ever changing landscape of video production.

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