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What is "Hope"?

There’s an experiment that scientist performed with mice/rats where they placed a few in a bucket of water. These little rodents are extremely good swimmers but after 15 minutes they drowned.

The same experiment was repeated but this time as the mice were reaching their 15 minute limit and could no longer stay afloat, the scientists pulled them all out, dried them up, and gave them a rest.

Placing the same mice back in the same water bucket the scientist, observed.

Do you know how long they swam for before giving up and drowning?

This time the mice made it to 60 minutes!

The conclusion of the experiment came down to the idea that the rodents had been rescued before so surely they would be rescued again and in this, the experimenters believed it was hope that kept them going for another 45 minutes.

Thinking about this we can see how powerful “Hope” is in our daily lives.

With a mundane view of whatever our situation may be, it’s challenging to stay afloat but believing in a higher power or that we can be rescued by another, or that we can rescue ourselves is thought that can save our lives. It’s hope that keeps us going.

In desperation a valuable asset we sometimes lack is time. Time to calm down, to better assess the situation or problem.

Having additional time to think with your mind instead of your emotions always changes things. It’s necessary to overcome what we’re going through. So make time to think.

Perspective, control of your emotions, recognizing your strengths and weakness, working towards goals, and being kind to yourself are all parts of the success.

Find the power you possess in learning along the way. Failure shouldn’t be an option, but it is a possibility. Know the difference and make choices that support the truth, knowing what truth is.

And if you’re confused let me remind you of the truth.

You are an intelligent being with purpose and value that is unmeasurable. It’s not measured in money, or numbers, but it’s often measured in how much you are capable of giving.

Never stop hoping, never stop swimming, never stop fighting.

Know the truth you are important and without you this existence we all live in changes forever.

Never give up, and no matter what… never loose hope.

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